NinjaMatthew April 02, 2011 FAQs

Our card swiper actually has no internal battery, instead drawing it's power from your iPhone.  It draws next to no power so you won't decrease your iPhone's battery life any appreciable amount.  You CAN if you like use any standard MiniUSB cable to connect to the Swiper while it's connected to your phone so you can operate indefinitely.  The MiniUSB cable I refer to can be purchased from our online store at http://store.appninjas.com/products/mini-usb-charge-sync-cable-3ft


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NinjaMatthew March 04, 2011 6 Current News

Verion 4.4 primarily brings support for PayPal to our card reader device but it also adds a tax feature back in.  Currently the tax feature does no calculations, it's only a place to list what dollar portion of the total sale is sales tax, good for record keeping as well as lower rates in the case of SOME corporate cards.  This release also makes a few minor improvements to the interface.

NinjaMatthew February 28, 2011 1 Current News

The most current version of Swipe Pro on the appstore is 4.3, and we encourage everyone to update at their earliest convenience. Due to recent as well as upcoming updates to our server and system in general, older versions of Swipe will soon begin to lose access to various server side transactions like history, account syncing and inventory.

If you need any assistance with upgrading we are here 7 days a week, just let us know.


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AppNinjas Support

NinjaMatthew January 11, 2011 Current News

Tho not directly AppNinjas Related, Verizon has announced it will begin officially carrying the Apple iPhone 4 on the 10th of next month (February) 2011.  What does this mean?  If you've had an interest in our product, but where locked into Verizon you now have options without changing carriers.

NinjaMatthew December 22, 2010 Current News

The new swiper is not compatible with the 4th Generation iPod Touch (The latest version) but is designed to bring the same convenience to all the earlier models.